Blog November 3, 2017
Ultimate Guide to Secondary DNS

What is Secondary DNS Misconceptions Performance Benefits Top 3 Secondary DNS Strategies How to Set Up Secondary DNS How to Choose a Secondary Provider The Basics What is Secondary DNS? A DNS management strategy where multiple providers are authoritative for answering queries for a domain. If you were to query a domain with Secondary DNS […]

Press Releases October 31, 2017
Internet Traffic Optimization is Taking Over the Cloud

Constellix, a DNS management service, reports a substantial shift in the adoption of performance routing services like ITO (Internet Traffic Optimization) to manage complex cloud-based systems. The cloud is inherently unpredictable and constantly shifting. This has necessitated a new breed of management services that can dynamically update configurations as our cloud services change. ITO, or […]

Q3 2017 Growth for DNS Made Easy and Constellix
Press Releases October 24, 2017
Constellix and DNSME Q3 2017 Review

Tiggee, the parent company of DNS Made Easy and Constellix, announces another successful quarter. Early in Q2 2017, Constellix officially launched as a billable product. The announcement came with an increase in domains on Constellix name servers, which steadily grew month over month. Constellix reports a 40% increase in revenue from Q2 to Q3. New […]

Zombie Survival Guide
Blog October 16, 2017
How to Stay Online During a Zombie Apocalypse

Do you have a zombie preparedness plan for your online infrastructure? Well, you should. Even if the zombie apocalypse doesn’t come, these strategies are essential for all kinds of disaster preparedness. We are going to be using Constellix DNS to show you how you can create very basic rules to keep your domains online even […]