Constellix DNS GeoIP eBook
Press Releases August 18, 2015
Constellix DNS Releases New White Paper

Constellix DNS was just announced a few weeks ago, but has already revealed itself to provide the deepest levels of granularity when it comes to Geo-DNS routing. Constellix makes this feat possible through the use of their proprietary GeoIP Services, as explained by Constellix engineers in the newly released Geo IP Services white paper. RESTON, VA […]

Constellix DNS Webinar
Blog Presentations August 13, 2015
Webinar Slides: Constellix DNS

Get an inside look at Constellix DNS in our exclusive webinar for DNS Made Easy members. If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to take Constellix DNS on a free test drive with your DNS Made Easy membership while our services are still in Beta. DOWNLOAD HERE

Constellix DNS GeoIP eBook
eBook August 13, 2015
Free! Get to know GeoIP Services eBook

Introducing Constellix DNS, fueled by it’s revolutionary GeoIP services! But what are GeoIP services and how do they create the most accurate geo-DNS? Find out now in our new eBook which discusses what GeoIP services are, how they direct your queries more efficiently, and how they integrate with the Constellix suite. Download Here

DNS Coach
Blog August 12, 2015
DNS Coach digs deeper into GeoIP (Infographic)

Dear DNS Coach, Last week you talked a lot about GeoIP services, but what’s the step-by-step process of my query when I use GeoIP to route my queries? If you were tuned in last week, we explained how GeoIP directs queries based on where the relatively closest IP address is for the queried site. So, here’s a […]