2-Factor Authentication
Press Releases September 22, 2015
Constellix DNS Releases New Features for Added Security and Ease of Use

This week, Constellix released a new update package for the Constellix DNS platform. Features include new security protocols such as 2-Factor Authentication and improved user management features. (PRWEB) As Constellix DNS approaches launch, our engineers are developing new features as requested from our Beta users. These features will be rolled out periodically in packaged updates […]

Nuts & Bolts
Blog September 18, 2015
Nuts & Bolts of Constellix

This week we’re launching a new series which we’ll post on a weekly basis to give our users an inside look at what we’ve just rolled out and what’s to come for Constellix Sonar and DNS. This week Constellix DNS is releasing¬†some new features that are going to be really useful for both novice DNS […]

Constellix DNS New Domain Wizard
Press Releases September 9, 2015
Constellix DNS Releases the New Domain Wizard

Constellix DNS is making record creation for new domains accessible to users ranging from IT pros to small business owners in just a few clicks. The New Domain Wizard takes complex DNS protocols and transforms them into a simple three step process. Reston, VA (PRWEB)–Constellix DNS is releasing new features nearly every week to prepare […]