Marketing and DNS
Blog October 15, 2015
Marketing & DNS: Be Everywhere at Once

Every wondered what managed DNS could do for the Marketing industry? Alot, actually. Check out what our engineers can do to optimize your online scalability and slash your resolution times.

Constellix Sonar Webinar
Press Releases October 13, 2015
Constellix Launches Webinar Campaign to Help Admins Transition to Integrated Monitoring and DNS

To prepare administrators and business owners for the upcoming launch of Constellix, lead Sales Engineer Evan Daniels will be hosting an educational webinar and live demo of different Sonar features once a month. Starting Tuesday Oct. 28 at 1pm, Constellix Sonar will be hosting the first live demo of their Sonar Webinar series which will […]

Business and DNS: a lasting partnership
Blog October 8, 2015
Every business needs integrated monitoring & DNS

Synergy If you’re running a business, you know the importance of synergy and how it can revolutionize productivity. Constellix offers a unique approach to DNS management and performance monitoring, in that they are one in the same. Our engineers believe the two platforms must be integrated to have full control of your traffic, and what […]

Constellix Sonar Real-Time Updates
Press Releases October 7, 2015
Constellix Sonar Upgrades Monitoring Suite for Real-Time Updates

The integrated monitoring and Geo-DNS suite, Constellix, has just released another update package allowing users to see their configured checks in real time. Paired with a faster and easier-to-use UI, Sonar is sparking the conversation about the need for businesses (no matter their technical level of expertise) to invest in reliable monitoring solutions. (PRWEB) Reston, […]