web performance olympics
Blog August 16, 2016
What the Olympics can teach us about Web Performance

The 2016 Olympic games serve as a prime example of how viewership has shifted from cable to Internet streaming, and how this effects ratings. This change has been fueled by millennials¬†who have begun “cutting the cord” on cable, in favor of monthly streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Cable giants like NBC, CBS, and ABC […]

How We Created the Most Granular Query Routing
Blog August 15, 2016
How Constellix Offers the Most Granular Routing

Have you ever wondered how we can claim to offer the most accurate query routing? Well, it’s not just for bragging rights. We actually engineered our DNS platform, first and foremost, to provide the most granularity when routing traffic. In order to explain how we did it, we created a simple infographic which outlines all […]

ITO services
Press Releases August 9, 2016
Constellix Publishes ITO (Internet Traffic Optimization) eBook

Constellix, the world leader in ITO solutions, has published a new eBook that explains the benefits of implementing ITO for traffic management. The Constellix traffic management suite announces that it has released a new eBook about ITO, or Internet Traffic Optimization services. The free eBook explains how the traffic management industry is evolving, which has […]

eBook August 9, 2016
ITO: Next Gen Traffic Management eBook

  References: Icons from flaticon.com