Blog May 23, 2018
The Complete Guide to Record Pools

How do they work Pools and failover Performance load balancing Record pools have been a crucial part of the Constellix suite since it was first conceived four years ago. But a lot of our clients have no idea they exist. That, or they have a vague understanding of what pools are but don’t think they […]

GeoProximity Failover
Blog May 22, 2018
New! GeoProximity Failover

Last week, we released an update to Constellix DNS for records that use GeoProximity with Failover. Before the update, if you had a record with both services enabled and the endpoint for that GeoProximity location was downed; then users would be routed to the World/Default location. Now, if a GeoProximity endpoint is unavailable, users will be routed to […]

Blog Constellix Lab: 5 Minute Lessons May 22, 2018
Speed Up Your Failover Changes with These 3 Tips

Failover not working? Did a failover event occur but you still see your primary IP when you run a dig? These are just a few of the Failover problems we see quite often in our support system. And they’re surprisingly very easy to fix. Here are three easy ways to test that failover is working. #1 […]

Blog April 17, 2018
When to Use Traffic Optimization or Regional Traffic Direction

Since we launched our new traffic optimization service, ITO, we have received a lot of feedback from clients who want to know why they should use ITO over our traditional regional traffic director service. ITO is used to route users to the fastest responding server in their region. I bolded that for a reason. You […]