Latency Based DNS Routing Services
Blog April 17, 2018
Comparing Latency-Based DNS Routing Services

Originally published on DZone There has been a lot of buzz in the managed DNS world about new routing policies that combine GeoDNS with monitoring services—commonly referred to as “latency-based” or performance routing. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much literature that compares or really digs into the differences between the available services. In this article, we […]

Blog March 22, 2018

Dare you to say that five times fast… BYO CDN with DNS BYO CDN with DNS BYO CDN with DNS BYO CDN with DNS BYO CDN with DNS Great workout for your mouth, but do you know what it means? BYO (Build Your Own), pretty self-explanatory. CDN (Content Delivery Network) which is a service that […]

Constellix vs Cloudflare
Blog March 1, 2018
Cloudflare vs. Constellix

Debating between Constellix and Cloudflare for your DNS management needs? Look no further. We dug up everything we could about each provider so we could give you a side-by-side comparison of their top features. Cloudflare Cloudflare is renowned as a free CDN service that services __% of the Internet. But, when it comes to DNS […]

Constellix vs Route53
Blog February 28, 2018
Route53 vs Constellix

Need help figuring out which managed DNS provider is right for you? This week, we are pitting  Constellix and Route53 against each other. We did the hard work for you, finding out each providers’ strengths, weaknesses, and of course the big question… which is better. Route53 In a nutshell… Route53 is a DNS Management service […]