ITO Pools
Blog Constellix Lab: 5 Minute Lessons August 22, 2017
ITO Pools Best Practices

Ready to try ITO Pools? Before you jump in, check out some of our tips for setting them up. ITO pools use functionality from our Sonar monitoring service and a couple different steps in Constellix DNS. It can get a little confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. #1 Start with Sonar ITO […]

Constellix Lab: 5 Minute Lessons July 11, 2017
How Does Constellix Work?

When it comes to Internet services, it can be difficult to see how they are working for you… especially backend services like DNS management. You might not see it, but DNS solutions, like Constellix, influence how people access websites and applications all the time. It happens faster than you can blink your eye. FYI, you can […]

Anycast vs GeoDNS
Constellix Lab: 5 Minute Lessons June 30, 2017
Anycast vs. GeoDNS

What is the difference between Anycast and GeoDNS routing? TL;DR Anycast answers incoming queries based on where they are in the network (usually striving for as few hops as possible). GeoDNS answers each query different based on the querying client’s IP address. GeoDNS has been around for a few years, but it has only recently […]

Location specific cloud migration
Blog Constellix Lab: 5 Minute Lessons June 15, 2017
Build Your Own Hybrid Cloud Part 2

Last week we showed you how to build a hybrid cloud in five minutes. This week, we are going to expand on this by adding location-specific rules. Recap Our previous use case described an organization that wanted to make a slow migration from an on-prem network to a cloud-based DNS provider. We created a record pool […]