Location specific cloud migration
Blog Constellix Lab: 5 Minute Lessons June 15, 2017
Build Your Own Hybrid Cloud Part 2

Last week we showed you how to build a hybrid cloud in five minutes. This week, we are going to expand on this by adding location-specific rules. Recap Our previous use case described an organization that wanted to make a slow migration from an on-prem network to a cloud-based DNS provider. We created a record pool […]

Cloud DNS servers
Blog Constellix Lab: 5 Minute Lessons June 14, 2017
Build a Hybrid Cloud in Five Minutes

Have you ever migrated an application or domain from one service to another? If you have, you know it’s not always easy. In most cases, it can be time-consuming, stressful, and very expensive. But that’s all changing, thanks to cloud computing. In this post, we are going to show you how you can migrate your […]

No downtime
Blog Constellix Lab: 5 Minute Lessons March 24, 2017
How to Change DNS Providers with No Downtime

Does transferring to a new DNS host cause downtime? Are there downtime risks when transferring to a cloud-based DNS provider? We have found that many admins are hesitant to change their provider because they are worried about downtime. If you follow the following three steps, you will experience no downtime and be able to use your […]

Constellix Labs
Constellix Lab: 5 Minute Lessons September 19, 2016
What’s the difference between ANAME, AAAA, A, and CNAME records?

If you’re new DNS record management, you were probably a little overwhelmed when you saw the dozens of different record types. This week, we are going to teach you the differences between the four main DNS record types. And then you will learn how you can use these different records to improve your domain’s performance. […]