Tech News Sites Web Performance
Press Releases April 24, 2017
New Study on Web Performance of Top IT News Sites

(Reston, VA) As part of Constellix’s continuing effort to educate clients about the importance of web performance, the team has released multiple studies analyzing the performance of the top websites. The latest study evaluated the top 20 Information Technology (IT) news sites according to Alexa based on compliance to established web performance best practices. “Most […]

Constellix New Reaches Milestone Answering One Billion Queries per Day
Press Releases April 18, 2017
One Billion Queries Answered Daily

Constellix DNS celebrates a new milestone after reaching one billion queries served daily. Constellix engineers attribute growth to increased adoption of GeoDNS routing techniques and the necessity for performance-based routing. The Constellix DNS management and Sonar monitoring services recently moved out of beta and now offer the full production suite to the general public. Shortly […]

Constellix Releases Study on Web Performance of Top Shopping Websites
Press Releases March 27, 2017
New Study: Web Performance of Top Shopping Websites

The Constellix research team has released a new study that explores the web performance best practices of the top 50 shopping websites. Constellix monitored the web performance of the top 50 shopping websites according to Alexa, a web analytics provider. Researchers used the Constellix Sonar Lite Chrome extension to monitor page load times. The Chrome […]

Constellix DNS Now Supports CAA Records
Press Releases February 28, 2017
Now Supporting CAA Records

Constellix DNS announces the addition of CAA records, which work with certification authorities to improve the security of domains. Tiggee subsidiary, Constellix, announces that Constellix DNS will now support CAA (Certificate Authority Authorization) records. This record type allows the domain name holder to specify one of or more CAs (Certificate Authorities) to issue certificates for […]