Blog May 2, 2017

Why we made Constellix billable

If you read the title and started to hyperventilate…. take a deep breath and give us just two minutes to explain ourselves.

We all knew this day was coming eventually. Ever since Constellix’s start as the little sister of DNS Made Easy, we knew we would use a freemium model for our services. Unfortunately, building these awesome services cost money. At some point DNS Made Easy would have to cut the cord and Constellix would need to generate its own income.

That time is now. As of May 1st, Constellix billing is live and clients are required to have a credit card on file to use our services.

Before you whip out your card (or run the other way) we ask that you please take a few moments to understand why we made the decision to bill for Constellix services.



In order for us to build more services for the Constellix suite, it costs money. Shocking, I know. Over the coming months, we will be adding new functionality to both our Sonar monitoring service and Constellix DNS.


We have a massive network that spans 16 critical vantage points and nearly a hundred monitoring nodes. All of this was built on the highest quality equipment with top tier bandwidth and data vendors. None of this is cheap. However, the speeds and security that our network offers can save you thousands in the long run.


Constellix was founded and designed based on years of user requests from DNS Made Easy clients and our beta users. We are so grateful to have had your help shaping this product. We hope that you will continue using Constellix since, of course, you did help create it. If anything, it’s like saying “Thanks Constellix for making this awesome product just for me!”


Not a reason for why we are billing, but important nonetheless… Our platform was built to deliver high-quality services at a fraction of our competitors’ prices. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself: here and here.


We appreciate you taking the time to listen to us.



The Constellix Team