Blog July 7, 2015

It’s Shark Week! Constellix Sonar is Here to Protect You from Attacks

It’s Shark Week! In light of this annual tradition of toothy programming, Constellix Sonar wants to remind you that keeping an online organization secure is very similar to avoiding a shark attack. As your internet presence grows, it’s more blood in the water for the hackers out there to smell.

You can’t avoid luring sharks in, but with the right people on your side you can be prepared for any kind of attack from DNS attacks to DDOS or even internal System Failures. Never have an outage again when you make the switch, Sonar will notify you when an attack is on the horizon.

Constellix Sonar gives users eyes even in the murkiest of waters, allowing you to see traffic at every possible angle such as:

  • Region-Specific Monitoring
  • Historical Traceroutes
  • Elite System of Notifications and Checks

Paired with our ground-breaking new feature, Real-Time Statistics, Sonar users can see their query traffic in real time! Monitor traffic like never before with our in-house designed suite of services custom tailored to your needs so that you never have to worry about those sharks.

While Constellix Sonar is in Beta, anyone with a DNS Made Easy membership can use Sonar’s intuitive services for FREE! Stop fearing those pesky sharks and start protecting your organization from threats today with Sonar.