Press Releases November 30, 2017
New Feature and UX Updates

Constellix DNS now offers GeoIP functionality for ANAME records. ANAME records were created specifically to work with CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks) by pointing the root of a domain to a CDN’s hostname. “With the rise in businesses using CDN’s and multi-CDN configurations, the combination of ANAME records with GeoIP functionality will prove invaluable for optimizing […]

Press Releases November 28, 2017
The DNS Strategies of the Top 25 E-Commerce Retailers

New Constellix study finds that more e-commerce retailers are moving towards cloud-based DNS management services and multi-vendor strategies. The study sampled the top 25 e-commerce retailers according to eMarketer based on annual sales. An overwhelming majority of the retailers were found to be outsourcing their DNS management to a cloud-based provider. This is a trend […]

DNS: Secret Weapon
Blog November 28, 2017
The Online Retailer’s Secret Weapon: Managed DNS

Year over year, more shoppers are turning to online shopping during the Thanksgiving weekend. If you take Cyber Monday out of the equation, between Thanksgiving night and the Sunday before Cyber Monday, online sales still reign supreme. A survey by the National Retail Federation found that 59% of shoppers plan to shop online this year, […]

Blog November 3, 2017
Ultimate Guide to Secondary DNS

What is Secondary DNS Misconceptions Performance Benefits Top 3 Secondary DNS Strategies How to Set Up Secondary DNS How to Choose a Secondary Provider The Basics What is Secondary DNS? A DNS management strategy where multiple providers are authoritative for answering queries for a domain. If you were to query a domain with Secondary DNS […]