Constellix vs Route53
Blog February 28, 2018
Route53 vs Constellix

Need help figuring out which managed DNS provider is right for you? This week, we are pitting  Constellix and Route53 against each other. We did the hard work for you, finding out each providers’ strengths, weaknesses, and of course the big question… which is better. Route53 In a nutshell… Route53 is a DNS Management service […]

How Failover Works
Blog January 19, 2018
How to Setup DNS Failover in Constellix

DNS Failover uses two of the applications in the Constellix suite: DNS and Sonar monitoring. First, we are going to create monitoring checks in Sonar and then apply those checks to failover records in the DNS control panel. You can watch the full demo here: In case you need a quick refresher, DNS Failover allows […]

IP Blocking in Constellix
Blog January 17, 2018
IP Blocking in Constellix

Over the next few weeks, we are going to create a series of videos and blogs that explain common tasks in Constellix. This week, we are going to show you how to block an IP address or location using IP Filters. What are IP Filters IP Filters are rules you can apply to DNS records […]

visual traceroute
Blog January 12, 2018
Introducing: Visual Traceroutes

What is it How it works How to use Visual Traceroutes What is it A visual traceroute is an interactive chart that shows you multiple traceroutes between two points. Visual traceroutes can be used to troubleshoot network issues, especially those caused by Internet Service Providers (ISP for short). In Constellix, the origin point is the […]