Press Releases September 25, 2017
Free Guide: DNS Load Balancing Strategies for All!

Load balancing at the DNS level is not just for enterprises. The cloud has made it available and affordable to businesses of all sizes! This guide offers strategies for: Multi-CDN (and multi-cloud) management Cloud migration and feature roll-out Withstanding data center/provider outages Performance optimization Get the guide! DNS load balancing offers crucial advantages over traditional […]

Blog September 20, 2017
Web Performance of the Top Breaking News Sites

Often times the best way to learn how to do something right, is to learn what not to do first. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time looking at the successes and failures of the top sites on the web. You may remember a few months ago when we did a study on the […]

Press Releases September 11, 2017
2nd Fastest DNS Provider in August!

DNS Made Easy set a new record as the fastest DNS provider for a year straight, while newcomer Constellix followed in second by just a few milliseconds. Both providers are subsidiaries of Tiggee, a software development firm in Reston. Constellix recently joined the ranks of the fastest providers according to SolveDNS at an average resolution […]

ITO Pools
Press Releases August 25, 2017
NEW! ITO Pools

Constellix DNS has announced the release of ITO Pools, which are record pools that dynamically answer end-users with the best performing endpoint(s). ITO Pools are made up of groups of A (IP address) and CNAME (hostname) records. That means when a use queries that pool, they could be answered by one or more endpoints. ITO […]